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- Anastasia Rykova, MD

Trituration for me is an amazing journey, studying the world as some kind of psychobiology). This is an opportunity for me to breathe more spirit into my too material life. And again, and again, each time again every next Thursday, to make sure that the spirit is primary, and then the matter is already adjusted, and tries, to the best of its ability, to express it, and follows it. It’s one thing when you read great teachers who write that “there was a word first”, and quite another when you feel it in your own skin). It is already impossible to simply brush aside this. And, of course, the awareness of the relativity of time and the fact that spirit / information / energy affects us before the event itself happened - this is generally beyond the limit! This understanding is one of my main treasures, an incomprehensible mystery. First - the plan, then - the implementation. Perhaps God conceived our world on Tuesday. And he did it on Thursday)) About bridging the distance when proving symptoms appear unexpectedly when you are several hundred kilometers away and there is nothing to say. There is an understanding that everything in life is proving, even if you do not know which one at the moment). Suddenly lost faith in God? It used to be a disaster. Now I know that this is the proving of the Volga). You just have to wait until next Thursday. When there is a clear internal understanding that all processes are plastic, this inspires hope. Proving gave me many wonderful discoveries, and even more questions. Why is that so? Why is everything in sync? Why are sensations ahead of time? Why do people feel so strange and beautiful with the help of potentized substances? However, the last question has already been answered during the proving of water)) Living beings are spiritualized water, and water is a mirror of energy and information.
I join everyone that the meetings themselves are an opportunity to see so many unique, beautiful externally and internally people, and even synchronized with me! This is great luck for me! And the process itself - training attention and the ability to feel and verbally express your feelings - is priceless!