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"Flow Recovery"


International Online Conference

“Restoring Vitality and Functional status after COVID-19. 
Homeopathy, Holistic Approach"


The 1st International online PROVING


1st International


"Homeopathic research and proving"

July 26, 2020


 "Flow recovery"

Всплеск водных горок


We invite you on a journey into the world of the Provings!
Purpose: to restore the internal flow and transform it into achievements.  
Journey into the world of individuation through contact with the deep knowledge of the substances that a person comprehends during a group's Proving.
We will understand the inner essence of Covid-19  by getting acquainted with Covid-19 nosode proving. 

Then we will immerse ourselves in the proving of Aqua Terra - and listen to the voice of water from 324 water sources. We will be able to "zero in", freeing physical and subtle bodies for new achievements. 

After that we will return to the Earth - to the theme of relationships - through learning the central ideas of immaterial preparations made of Bitcoin, Euros and Shekel. 

And finally we'll "go out into space" and learn about new technologies in homeopathy.


  • Alize Timmerman - Netherlands. "Covid-19 nosode Proving"

  • Sigrid Lindemann - Germany/India. «Aqua Terra Proving»

  • Alexander Fadiev - Russia. «Bitcoin Proving» 

  • Dmitry Popov -Russia. "Euro Proving" 

  • Svetlana Popova - Russia. "Shekel Proving" 

  • Roman Buchimensky - Israel. "New methods and technologies in homeopathy"


July 26, 2020 from 10:00 to 18:00 Jerusalem / Moscow / Kiev (GMT +3)


Online, with the ability to view recording


Russian, English (with simultaneous translation)


Untill 18/07/20 - 45 USD (2900 RUB), after - 50 USD (3500 RUB)

July 12, 2020


International Online Conference

“Restoring Vitality and Functional status after COVID-19. 
Homeopathy, Holistic Approach"

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The upcoming conference is intended to highlight important issues of the post-coronavirus period. Conference languages: Russian and English. Simultaneous translation will be provided.

The conference program includes lectures by leading Russian and international experts, covering such topics as: homeopathy, posology, stress management, nutrition, language decoding, legal rights of doctors, practicing homeopaths and patients.

An extensive program, interesting discussions, a creative and friendly atmosphere will help to build a unique, effective professional platform for people who want to develop and comprehend a holistic approach.


  • Anne Schadde – Germany. “COVID-19 - a wake up call! Search for a Fungi with connection of "Light" Proving of Ganoderma Lucidum.”

  • Ajit Kulkarni – India. “From the diary of Post COVID-19 patients: homeopathic management.”

  • Denise Straiges – USA. “Acute into Chronic: Preparing for the future in a global pandemic.”

  • Koby Nehushtan – Israel. “The usage of Echinacea for purification and recovery after COVID-19 infection.”

  • Andreas Holling – Germany. “My experience with homeopathic provings and family constellation practice.”

  • Svetlana Popova – Russia. “Proving of COVID-19 music - effective homeopathic prevention of the next wave of coronavirus infection.”

  • Dmitry Popov – Russia. “Homeopathic remedy "Aqua Buluus" (glacier water from Yakutia) - support and encouragement in time and after the COVID-19 epidemic.”

  • Alexander Fadiev – Russia. “COVID-19 and Depression: prevention and solution.”

  • Olga Fatula – Russia. “Arthemisia Abrotanum is a dif remedy at СOVID-19.”

  • Onno Nieven – Netherlands. “How to reduce stress at the deepest level with homeopathy-like resonances PPD in 10 minutes a day.”

  • Inna Sarumian – USA.“Rapid and effective recovery after COVID-19, using Bowel nosodes and Adjunctive modalities in homeopathic cases.”

  • Elena Pechorina – Russia. “CNS lesions at COVID-19 - possibilities of homeopathic correction.”

  • Alina Levin – Israel. “The usage of vibrations and sounds in medicine and treatment of COVID-19.”

  • Tatiana Alpatova – Russia. “Epidemic in language of everyday life: cracking the code…”

  • Max Pogorely – Ukraine. “Is quarantine more dangerous than coronavirus? How to overcome postponed health consequences of lockdown.”

  • Sigrid Lindemann – India/Germany. “Genus epidemicus: potential and limitations.”

  • Roman Buchimensky – Israel. “It's digital homeopathic remedies time, featured by Homeopathic Hotline First AID Service.”


Finished on July 12, 2020


 Video recording


Russian, English (Alexandra Malyutin - simultaneous translation)


 50 USD (3500 RUB)

July 11, 2020 


The 1st International Online Proving

Молодые женщины прослушивания музыки


The International Online Proving is going to be for the first time 
in the history of homeopathy!  

We invite homeopathic schools from different countries to unite in a common proving space and become one team with a common spirit. 

It will be a wonderful unique start in an unusually interesting journey, dedicated to an experienced knowledge of the world of the Provings, both already known remedies and new sources.  

By increasing our cohesion, we can achieve profound results. Together, we can start and continue to learn proving and teach others. 

Proving is the anthropocentric knowledge of the world - through the prism of our perception. This approach gives us a real picture of what the surrounding things are for us in our true sensual reality. Knowing the world "from within" properly builds the whole picture around us. This approach develops creativity and spirituality in a person, and thus heals all of humanity. 

You will have a unique opportunity to experience live in a group of like-minded people and professionals the healing power of joint proving, which will eventually helps everyone to live a new reality.


The first online provings of digital homeopathic remedy. Everything in nature has its own electromagnetic field. With the help of sensitive newest equipment you can record the electromagnetic field of any homeopathic remedy and transfer the record at a distance with sound.


One of these homeopathic digital remedies will be tested in this proving. These remedies have proven their efficacy over the past 15 years, and we discovered its miracle during our work on the Hotline (volunteering for patients with covid-infection).


July 11, 2020 at 17:00 Jerusalem / Moscow / Kiev (GMT +3)


Online on groups


Russian, English (with translation)




May 23-24, 2020 


The 1st International

conference & workshop

"Homeopathic research and provings"



These events became a “breath of fresh air”, a “historical event”, “extraordinary immersion”, “terrific event”, “new phenomenon on the homeopathic horizon "," the possibility of deep self-research ”... - this is how the conference and workshops were described participants and listeners.


What happened?


There is a completely new platform for sharing knowledge that opens to the world through provings. This information is medical in itself, sending a person on a journey through the depths of his unconscious, turning his face to his inner world through the symbolic language of homeopathic archetypes. And a person begins to hear the voice of nature within himself distinctly and distinctly, thus separating his creative Divine principle from the “other songs ”, realizing it and healing.

This is an extraordinary way of knowing the world in which we live, through understanding and living with all its essence subtle states of sources

homeopathic remedies.

Two days passed in the same breath in the general informational and spiritual flow.

Extraordinary examples of synergy and subtlest interaction arose people from 12 countries around the world listening and participating at the same time


The conference organizers have the deepest hope that this is amazing a wonderful event marked the beginning of many subsequent meetings, aimed at improving, training, research, exchange of experience, expanding the boundaries and altruistic inner spiritual growth of all people in the world.


23/05/2020 - Conference

  • Alexander Fadiev (Russia) - Scientific research in homeopathy

  • Maria Tomkevich (Russia) - Clinical experience vs. “evidence-based research” in medicine

  • Vladimir Voeikov (Russia) - Disperse and dissipative nature of aqueos systems - a possible foundation of homeopathy?

  • Zhanna Svirina (Russia)- Experimental morphological research in homeopathy and evidence of the effect of ultralow doses at the cellular level on a model of cystic mastopathy

  • Jeremy Sherr (Israel/Tanzania) - Provings to the world!

  • Harry van der Zee (Netherlands) - Eighteen years of experience in treating epidemics in Africa. Their role and purpose.

  • Roman Buchimensky (Israel) - Electromagnetic radiation of mobile phones. Homeopathic provings and clinical cases

  • Marina Afanasieva (Latvia) - Homeopathy as a method of learning

  • Dmitry Popov (Russia) - Proving practice

  • Guzel Nurullina (Russia) - Belemnite Trituration Proving

  • Svetlana Parnes (Russia) - A Journey to Proving. Pinus Sylvestris

  • Olga Fatula (Russia) - Various test options. Experience on various substances. Analysis and conclusions

  • Margarita Ashikhmina (Russia) - The role of proving in the construction of a drug pattern on the example of a Sanq. Vulpes test

  • Tatiana Krylatova (Russia) - Family cases of the appointment of Lichens by the example of Xanthoria in families with autistic children

  • Svetlana Popova (Russia) - Comprehension as a way of healing

  • Valeria Zakharova (Russia) - Homeopathic archetypes and their application in the work of a psychologist

  • Olga Shishkina (Russia) - Symptoms of a kingdom, group, source, and proving in case analysis

  • Tatiana Tesker (Canada) - Birds in homeopathy. Proving and successful treatment cases

  • Tatiana Alpatova (Russia) - Homeopathy and literature: to the problem of typological convergence

24/05/2020 - Workshop

  • Aleksandr Fadiev (Russia) - Group of non-material remedies from money. Symptoms of proving the ‘Hundred bucks’ remedy (american dollar).

  • Dmitry Popov (Russia) - The ‘bone group’ homeopathic medicines: general topics and comparison: Mammuthus (mammoth) - IHS "Proving", Triceratops (Triceratops dinosaur) - IHS "Proving", Maiasaura lapidea (dinosaur is a good mother) - proving of N. Herrick, clinical cases of IHS, Calcarea ostrearum (a preparation from the inner and middle layers of the oyster shell) - materia medica and cases.

  • Svetlana Popova (Russia) - Symptoms of testing drugs from water of various origins: Aqua Nova - proving of P. Frazer & M. Norland, Aqua Buluus - IHS "Proving", Aqua Volga - IHS "Proving", Aqua Lena - IHS "Proving", Aqua Sinkovo - IHS "Proving", Aqua Sanicula - Materia Medica, Aqua Marina - Materia Medica


Finished 23-24.05.2020


Video recording


Russian, English (Alexandra Malyutin - simultaneous translation)


50 USD (3500 RUB)

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