Feedback on the I International online Conference "Homeopathic Research and Provings" 23-24 May 2020

Dmitry Napalkov, MD, DSc, professor; Moscow.

It was interesting and informative. I did not agree with everything, but the conference made us think about how much we do not know yet. I thought that our strength is not in erecting walls and borders, but in trying to hear each other – doctors of different directions and scientific schools – with the only possible goal: to help your patient.

Alina Levin, homeopath; Israel.

Review of the past international online conference Proving in Moscow.

Dear and dear colleagues and organizers of this wonderful multifaceted conference. First of all, I would like to thank Svetlana Popova and Dmitry Popov for inviting me to this conference. It was a grand marathon of very interesting performances, which one after another did not stop bringing my mind to the state of delight, amazement and continuous work, the awareness that it is happening here and now. Each performance enriched me and gave birth to new ideas in my mind and helped me to find new solutions for the still unresolved cases. The reports, filled with informative energy and emotional coloring, helped me feel and deeply immerse myself in the idea of Proving and touch the substance at all levels. I hope that such a dose of multidimensional Proving will have a beneficial effect on every participant of this richest conference in all its parameters. It was amazing and great! Thank you!

Olga Chekhomova, classic homeopath; Perm.

Thank you all so much for the conference, for this heroic homeopathic marathon! Our homeopathic community just needs it, especially now. When we are together – we are strong and can stand, we can develop and rise even more – for the good, for the health of our people, for Russia, and for the world. Long live homeopathy and our homeopathic commonwealth!

P. S. We will wait for the continuation.

Tatyana Tesker, homeopath, psychologist; Italy.

Such a wonderful conference! You are so good! The best of which I was. You have such a level of awareness! Such an immersion! Thank you!

Inga Jitaru, homeopath.

Thank you for this opportunity to touch the wonderful world of homeopathy. Not only did I find the time, but I just couldn't get away from the screen like a spellbound one, canceling the scheduled business and meeting. Only a sense of duty made me not leave my family to their fate, and thus miss a couple of performances.

As the A.K. said, the important thing is that this isn't the last step. Everybody is excited, everybody wants to go forward – this is the main thing. The atmosphere was wonderful.

Zhanara Kumpeisova, pediatrician, homeopath, Kazakhstan.

The organizers of the First International Homeopathic Conference on the Provings conducted wonderful master classes today. 👏👏👏👏

A great applause! 🙏

It was symbolic to listen to the Provings of "men's" preparations from our beloved men Alexander and Dmitry.👍👍👍👍👍

And about Water – Svetlana, with her stunning beautiful female energy!

Svetlana herself is the embodiment of femininity, kindness, breadth of soul and irrepressible all-consuming energy and positivism!

Her laughter and youthful fervor in her voice chained the attention of all participants!

Svetlana is like water herself, which softly rounds the corners and can take any shape and condition!

Now we all understand that thanks to this creative and inspiring energy, such a large-scale, powerful and interesting holiday took place!

A low bow to the organizers and heartfelt thanks!

I think that I need to take an immaterial preparation of Water and "wash" everything with clean water and start living with a clean sip of Water! How and where can I order?

Katya Pomazkova, designer; Moscow.

I would like to express my great gratitude to the organizers of the First International Homeopathic Online Conference "Homeopathic Research and Provings" – the International Homeopathic School "Proving" and the homeopathic organization "Via Homeopatica" for such a high quality conference! All presenters are high-class professionals. I especially remember the report by Zhanna Sivirina on the treatment of breast cancer with homeopathic medicines and on comparative morphological study of breast cancer drugs with subsequent analysis of rat breast tissue! It was also incredible to hear Jeremy Sherr's report on the current challenges in data processing for the Provings, as well as Harry van der Zee's report on the effectiveness of homeopathic malaria prevention in schools in Tanzania and the significant improvement in the quality of life of people living with AIDS/HIV. And the final chord was the report on the efficacy of bird medicine in treating underlying pathologies, including pollinosis and bronchial asthma. This conference has undoubtedly enriched all participants with professional knowledge and success in curing! Separately, I would like to mention the incredibly warm atmosphere of the conference itself, quality technical support, and stunning non-stop simultaneous interpretation from English into Russian and back during all twelve hours of the first day – thanks to Alexandra Malyutina! Despite the fact that the conference was really long and full, with short breaks, it was held in one breath! I wish you new conferences, participants and discoveries!

Irina Stepanova, nephrologist, homeopath; Moscow.

Thank you so much! I remember very well how you shared with us ideas about what to say about the research work done, to develop cooperation. And here we are, a great result with a new level. Congratulations! I want to write a lot of things, but I especially want to note a very thoughtful presentation of information. Not a single random report and a very correct sequence of them. It's as if I've been breathing fresh air in these two days. Tomorrow I'll go back to the horror of our health care...

Thank you so much! The conference and master classes were great. The information was presented in a very holistic and thoughtful manner. Interesting reports. Clear organization. Everything was done with great love, with a desire to share what we have learned for ourselves. And, importantly, the work done gives birth to plans for further research and cooperation.

Maria Tsvetkova; Moscow.

Thank you very much to all the wonderful participants of this warm and sunny conference, which united all of us and saturated us with hot emotions of friendly communication and exchange of invaluable experience gained as a result of good practice and training, interesting research, kind help to the sick. How pleasant it was to be in the company of enthusiastic like-minded people, listen to bright stories and extraordinary results. Everyone is the real heroes of his business. God grant good luck to all participants in self-improvement, in learning and in helping patients. Sunny days and clear skies to all participants in this iridescent two-day conference. Thank you, friends, for the organization, for your work, for your warmth and experience! ☀️🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

Tatyana Alpatova, philologist, DSc, professor; Moscow.

Thank you so much for the amazing conference and great workshops! It was an amazing journey into the world of homeopathy, a deep dive into homeopathic research, into the subtle vibrations of drugs, into the true metaphysical nature of human existence! Thank you for the opportunity to see foreign colleagues, to join their invaluable experience! Dmitry Popov, Svetlana Popova, Alexander Fadiev are the lowest bow! Thank you!

Tatiana Napalkova, therapist, homeopath, PhD; Moscow.

Flew two days with the International Homeopathic School 'Proving'. Wonderfully organized conference. Meet the already known and meet the new homeopaths. All different, interesting. Papers are informative. A real holiday of unity of homeopaths of different countries and schools!

On the second day, there was work. The Provings were so well done, analyzed, reported consistently and penetratingly that I felt inside the process, experienced and lived all the Provings at once! It was an amazing feeling! Huge thanks to everyone involved in this feast of homeopathy!

Anton Dzhaparov; Moscow.

I thank Svetlana and Dmitry Popov and Alexander Fadiev for giving me the opportunity to touch the immense healing depths of the world of homeopathy.

Thanks to all the participants of the International Conference "Homeopathic Research and Provings" and master classes on homeopathy, homeopathy has appeared before me in a completely different form – not as a method, but as a brotherhood of people who are in love with their work, whose goal is not market competition and selfish ambitions, but the life and health of man.

Versatile and versatile disclosure of the essence of homeopathy at the conference opens it as a living, ecologically efficient whole, in which the wisdom of antiquity, modern discoveries and lives of homeopathic people are combined into one!

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