God, not the nosodes!

I was always very afraid of nosodes.

Probably, this was influenced by 2 stories of my personal experience of using nosodes on myself.

I remember when I first started my homeopathic practice in the late 90s, I listened to an inspiring lecture that without nosodes we would not be able to cure a deep miasmatic state. And since I really wanted to eradicate all my miasms by diagnosing myself with sycosis, I boldly took Medorinum 200 and slipped it to my sister. I caused it so to say good things) The result did not take long! Already the next day on my right forearm began to form a boil, which gradually reached a giant size, my hand swollen in this place about 2 times, blushed, after a while on top of this "mountain" began to erupt a purulent "volcano". For some reason, I was glad at that time, believing that it was a relief due to natural excreta. But the relief did not come... My sister had the same powerful effect, though on her chin, to which you understand her sister was unspeakably "glad".

But even this did not stop my inquisitive mind! And, I decided that I made a diagnostic mistake without recognizing my tuberculinum miasm. Therefore, my next appointment followed - Tuberculinum 200. This time, my sister refrained from taking it). What was my surprise when I woke up the next day in the morning and heard absolutely nothing. I decided that this time I played it for sure! And I will go down in the history of homeopathy together with Konstantin Gering. But everything turned out to be much more prosaic. For 1 night I have formed So much earwax that it completely clogged the ear canals. After a long period of hygiene procedures, my hearing was completely restored. Again, I was hoping for relief through natural excreta. But it didn't get any easier.

And then I had 2 conclusions:

1. Nosodes can be very dangerous if they are not assigned properly.
2. Nosodes should be appointed only on the principle of 100% similarity and in no other way.

After these experiments, I stopped assigning nosodes in principle. For some reason, I have never seen them anywhere).

And this would still have been the case if there had not been a single consultation in Proving, where I presented my patient, who needed an urgent consultation after MRI, where I was diagnosed with pansinusitis. It was complicated by the fact that the girl had a polyvalent allergy to almost all antibiotics and bronchial asthma.

I will not tell the whole story here; it was detailed by Svetlana Popova at the seminar 'Mysterious and powerful bacteria and viruses' (https://ru.provings.space/popova). But as a result of prescription of nosode pansinusitis passed without antibiotics! And the most striking thing is that the girl got rid of bronchial asthma and allergies!! Here I have certainly changed my attitude to nosodes. And in my head, their potential danger was replaced by incredible opportunities!

Dear friends! If you want to heal your patients, please, do not ignore this group of drugs. Study the nosodes. They work wonders!

Author: Fadiev Alexander

The closest lecture on nosodes on the Proving to the World Channel - https://ru.provings.space/kanal.

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