The usual day of a tourist was beginning - I was driving from Paris to Versailles. In my heart - the anticipation of long standing in line at the entrance, and then - tours of the palace with an audio guide and walks in the park. Both the palace and the park were already somewhat familiar - both from last year's trips, and from films, which were watched a lot, and most importantly - from my favorite production of Lully's opera Armida - a subtle, humorous postmodern game with an opera of the 17th century and the current tourist The "triumph" of Versailles ...

Everything was predictable, but suddenly ... as it is now fashionable to say, "something went wrong" ...

I had already defended a long line at the entrance - there I had to enter the lobby, and then move towards the palace by the time of the excursion. But suddenly, turning away for a minute, I understand that I cannot find the staircase I went down to the basement, I don't see other tourists, and in the end I accidentally leave this building and can no longer get there again. I am directed to stand in the same line again, but many people have already come there, and I still will not be in time for the tour by the time appointed on the ticket.

The crowd is around - but you feel completely alone, as if you were lost in three pines, and the people who were around, as if they had fallen into another change, disappeared, and you will never meet them again ...

At that moment, I still did not know what all this meant, and I went to look for the ticket office to buy another ticket - although it was a pity that the excursion was overdue.

The hard day of the tourist continued, from the palace I went to inspect the park, and then the Little Trianon, where an explanation of the events that had begun so strangely in the morning awaited me.

But for a start - a small excursion from the series "notes of a beginner prover."

The beginning of a homeopathic "test", a proving, is always a "meeting" with the source. That it will happen is clear even before it happens - it’s just that suddenly everything around gradually becomes more and more strange. At first it seems that these are just annoying accidents, but suddenly something "clicks" - you do not know why, and you have something in your hands ... Which, perhaps, will later become a homeopathic medicine.

Walking through the park, I saw a tall tree. Of course, this giant sequoia, as this plant is called in botanical science, did not grow as gigantic here as in North America, but it also made a strong impression. But the miracle is that one branch of this tall tree - maybe broken off by the wind, maybe by lightning - was practically lying on the ground. She was quite alive, but at eye level, at the level of an outstretched hand. Needless to say, in my hand - just unexpectedly for myself - suddenly there was a small cone of this amazing tree, still immature, alive, green - containing the entire plant in potential, and therefore everything that can only be learned about it ...

My tourist adventures in Versailles that day ended as strange and unusual as they began.

The sequoia was already with me! I walked in a crowd of people to the Versailles train station, the whole crowd had to get on the train. I thought: what a pity that I have to stand all the way to Paris! ..

Suddenly, the same inexplicable situation was repeated again - I literally turn for a minute into the next street to see what is there - and I cannot return!

In front of me is the same huge plane tree alley, along which I walked in a crowd of people, but now I am there completely alone, people seem to have fallen into another dimension. For a while I walked forward in complete solitude - there was no one to even ask. About five minutes later a couple of locals appeared, I asked them how to get to Paris, the woman asked me: "Do you want to get to the Montparnasse train station?" - I replied that I really don't care, if only to Paris! They waved their hand invitingly, and I followed them. We walked for about 20 minutes along some completely tangled streets of Versailles, where I had never been - not on my last visit, not in the morning. At the same time, although I myself understood how stupid it was, on the way I had a feeling of fear that now they would take me somewhere and rob me, I think: okay, if anything, I'll give them half of the money, otherwise I won't be able get to the hotel ...

But, of course, these were just stupid delusions ...

At the end of this, in fact, a long and unfamiliar journey, we safely ended up at the station where I arrived in the morning - only now I got there in a completely incomprehensible way.

In the description of the proving of the homeopathic remedy "giant sequoia" there is a symptom: loneliness; disgust for the company, the desire to go to a place where no one will bother him. And also: anxiety, fear, a sense of separation from people, restraint, delusions, deception of feelings, isolation, isolation ... Needless to say, at that moment I had no idea about any of these symptoms!

I would describe my state as follows: suddenly loneliness - you suddenly see that people seem to have disappeared - you find yourself completely alone, it is impossible to get out, it remains to move in a completely unknown and new direction. Everything is going as it should, I perform some actions, there are many people around me who do the same, suddenly for some reason I get distracted from the situation for a minute, step aside - and when I return, I understand that of those who were there is no one next to me, I am completely unaware of where to go and what to do - a feeling as if I were in a huge crowd of people and suddenly I was left completely alone and did not know what to do.

Here is such an amazing, unintentional proving!

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Tatyana Alpatova


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