Legacy of the First International Online Conference "Homeopathic Research and Provings"

So, the conference and master classes were held!

What legacy did they leave behind?

These events became "a breath of fresh air", "a historical event", "an extraordinary immersion", "an amazing event", "a new phenomenon on the homeopathic horizon", "an opportunity for in-depth introspection"... – this was how the conference and master classes were described by participants and listeners.

So what happened?

An entirely new platform for the exchange of knowledge that is opened to the world through the Provings has emerged. This information in itself is healing, sending a person on a journey through the depths of his unconscious, turning him face to his inner world through the symbolic language of homeopathic archetypes. And man begins to hear the voice of nature within himself clearly and distinctly, thus separating his creative Divine origin from the "other song", realizing it and healing.

This is an extraordinary way of knowing the world in which we live, through understanding and living all of the subtle states of the sources of homeopathic remedies.

Two days flew by in one breath in the general informational and spiritual stream.

There were extraordinary examples of synergy and subtle interaction of people from 12 countries around the world, listening and participating in this event at the same time.

The organizers of the conference have the deepest hope that this stunning miraculous event has initiated many subsequent meetings aimed at healing, learning, research, exchange of experience, expanding the boundaries and altruistic inner spiritual growth of all people on Earth.

With Respect and Love,

Popov Dmitry and Svetlana, Alexander Fadiev, Roman Buchimensky,

researchers IHS PROVING (Moscow) and Via Homeopatica (Israel)

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