Literature as the homeopathic rhythm of the Universe

Tatiana Alpatova, doctor of philological sciences, professor, teacher of the Department of History, Philosophy, Literature of GITIS, in her interview "Literature and Homeopathy" (, and now in a series of author's seminars on the Prvings to the World channel ( immerses us in an incredible whirlwind of reflections on the relationship between literature and homeopathy.

She got into homeopathy as a patient and was able to defend her doctoral thesis. For her homeopathy remains an inspiring support in her work and creativity. As she says herself:

"Homeopathy has opened the world for me in a different way".

Joseph Brodsky wrote: "Poetry is the highest form of language existence". And Tatiana Alexandrovna vividly illustrates it this way:

"It is as if someone comes and shakes the rhythm of poetry, and as a result, what seemed familiar has become unusual, the impossible has become possible".

Literature, like any art, is like a homeopathic view of the world if it is understood as a dynamic process. If we apply the idea of homeopathic approach to the analysis of literary text, we get the following analogies:

1. Text as a letter - before we read the text, we have nothing to talk about.
2. Text as a fact - at this level we understand the plot relationships, we understand the historical, cultural basis, we understand everything literally.
3. Text as an emotion - now the text causes emotional responses, emotional perception, acceptance or dislike.
4. Text as a delusion - a theme, an idea, a philosophical context comes on stage.
5. Text as the rhythm of the Universe - as a microcosm. At this level, the emergence of a literary work is like a dynamic process. Without an energetic author's spark, text will only be a set of ideas.

At the meeting we have just discussed Vladimir Fyodorovich Odoevsky, Pushkin's friend. He wrote prose and essays, was very fond of homeopathy, and treated his friends homeopathically. His passion for homeopathy is one of the keys to seeing the world more difficult than we are used to, to see it as a multifaceted mystery.

And ahead of us is a series of incredible meetings with other prominent literary figures. Don't miss it! (

Author: Fadiev Alexander

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