Practical webinars with Ajit Kulkarni

We are glad to inform you that we are continuing the series of practical webinars with Ajit Kulkarni, focusing on practical skills and analysis of live cases.


April 6;

April 22;

May 4th.

All webinars will be available on record.

What will happen at each webinar?

- analysis of homeopathic case on the air;

- analysis and synthesis;

- differential diagnosis of homeopathic remedies;

- argumentation of the choice of acute, constitutional, anti-miasmatic remedies;

- choice of a posological plan before follow-up;

- ways to prevent antidote and create favorable conditions for cure;

- a description of the individual holistic treatment program;

- forecast;

- session "questions and answers"

What will you get by participating in a hands-on webinar?

- access to unique working materials;

- deep understanding of the essence of Materia Medica;

- obtaining and developing practical skills;

- a lively dialogue on the issues that have arisen with one of the outstanding masters of modern homeopathy;

- gaining confidence in the management of acute and chronic cases;

- the ability to accurately select homeopathic remedies and potencies;

- improving case management tactics

How much does participation cost?

Special offer for webinar participants:

The cost of participation in the 1st webinar is 1200 rubles, instead of 2900 rubles.

The cost of participation in 3 webinars is 3000 rubles, instead of 8300 rubles.

The cost of 3 webinars + membership in the Ajita Kulkarni club - 3900 rubles, instead of 10,000 rubles.

Payment is possible in dollars, euros, at the exchange rate of the Central Bank on the day of payment.

The number of members in the AK club is limited.

What awaits you in the club?

- private chat in Telegram with Ajit Kulkarni and world experts in homeopathy for 30 days,

- answers to questions that arise in your practice and case management

- active communication with colleagues from all over the world in their native language;

- access to video recordings of past webinars;

- access to previously unpublished materials;

- access to webinar abstracts;

- permanent chat headings:

"Do you know what ...?"

theme of the month

homeopathic workshop

professional quiz and valuable prizes

How to pay?

Payment for webinars on the territory of the Russian Federation is available at the link:

Pay via PayPal

Payment on the territory of Ukraine:

Bank Credit Dnipro 5179 4407 0048 3094

After payment, please send your name, contact phone number and confirmation of payment.

by mail:

How will the participation take place?

After payment, you will receive an invitation to a private chat in a telegram (if you pay for 3 webinars + membership in the Ajita Kulkarni club)

On the day of the webinar, you will receive a link to the closed conference in Zoom.

Access to recording webinars if you are unable to participate online

All technical and payment questions can be asked to Irina:

+7 925 766-89-40


Ajit Kulkarni, Roman Buchimensky and the Hotline team

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