Restoring the flow: meeting the sources ...

- Are you sick? ...

- And is it necessary to be sick?!

That was little imaginary dialogue with one corrosive interlocutor, which sounded in my head yesterday, when I was returning from the workshop "Restoring the flow" (IHS "Proving" -Via Homeopatica). Remembering that at that day, July 26, it was also a birthday of Carl Gustav Jung, I immediately realised: it wasn’t an accident!

Jung said that the whole stream of incoherent thoughts, images, "plates" that revolved in our head with answers to unasked questions or questions to which we looked in vain for answers, were almost the same as dreams: the "voices" of the unconscious, which just sounded quieter during the day than at night.

So, what are you, the unconscious?

At the last conference about homeopathic recovery from Coronavirus, I was extremely encouraged by the words of the German homeopath - Anna Schade: "Everything that happens happens “for us” and not “with us“. Everything includes also the disease itself, and if so, it means, that we have a choice!

A workshop about provings (it is a homeopathic drug research) is a wonderful opportunity not only for doctors, but also for us - patients, during such a workshop we can learn about new medicines. And also we have an opportunity to look at the homeopathic substance (which is always connected with the problem, the conflict, the disease, and which is "charged") from the outside, without transferring it in the depths of one's own "I", without actually "suffering" from this disease. That is the way to recognize the disease, and we do so - not meeting it “face to face”, but deeper, in its being - and there is no need to be sick with this illness to solve emotional, mental, mental, spiritual problems that are brewing in the one’s life.

What did the last workshop reveal to me? In the covid nosode (proving was made by Aliz Timmerman, Netherlands) there is the thought that “life is crazy, it has gone out of balance - and life stops, habitual connections disintegrate to give place to something completely new, unfamiliar, unknown ... Preparation made from water from all over the world, called Aqua Terra (proving made by Sigrid Lindemann, Germany-India), reflects the idea of ​​connecting everything with everything, constant movement and service. Also amazing "money" provings (which made by Svetlana Popova, Dmitry Popov, Alexander Fadiev) reflect the discovery that "money" in its homeopathic essence is neither about money at all nor about wealth and poverty, they are about relationships between people, social connections and some ways of mastering space. Proving of a digital drug (by Roman Buchimensky, Israel) reflect the opportunity to speak about the world in the language of energy, particles and waves, thereby approaching its true hidden essence.

What I happened to hear at this workshop needs to be comprehended for a long time, and I know that I will rewatch all those videos many times, because I want to plunge into this wonderful atmosphere again that has united all of us. I have the feeling of a new space - lively, bright and multicoloured. And feeling the flow ...

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