The World is the Sacred Bone!

You hardly expect miracles and paradoxes from extremely conservative structures. However, their ancient mystery can surprise even the modern consciousness by the novelty and reveal to our imagination the Unpredictable World as – the Sacred Bone!

Amazing Proving! The thing is, everything we call ”new“ suddenly turns out to be “old”. And there's nothing more ancient than a newborn or a new scientific discovery. The collective unconscious does not tolerate novelty, giving us numerous streams of consciousness support in eternity. Proving of this material shows the basic being of life, in which “the great” is not visible, and “the small” seems infinitely great! Who has seen the World? It is hidden from us in spite of its enormity. It surrounds us, but it seems to be moving away from us, as if it plunges into its slow, heavy, calm thoughts, without hurrying either mind or body, in contrast to the fleeting phenomena of the World.

The World is the Sacred Bone! – unchanging, conservative and stubborn in its obsessive cycles. The main property is furtiveness! The paradox is that the unbending bone simultaneously combines various functions and phenomena. It cannot be knocked out of the way, and sooner or later, like the World, it comes to its goal – to create!

Like a World, the bone is often cold to the sufferings of living beings, too strict and demanding in terms of discipline and the world’s order – spring should end in summer and summer in autumn. As if time disappears, remains only naked order, which sometimes becomes gray (routine and unemotional) current thoughts in the familiar direction, but performs a very important function – protection of fear of future and change. Moving in its rhythm along the destined path, the "bone” needs a companion, which becomes for it a burden of responsibility, a sense of duty, a duty to maintain a well-functioning mechanism, where each participant is a screw that performs its function.

The presence of a "well-functioning" satellite and the scheme as a whole gives a sense of calm, stability, support; gives almost mechanical purposefulness, absorbed by the greyness of everyday life. There is a feeling of facelessness and greyness of life, which as a large structure, looking from the height of its hierarchy, makes a hierarchy distance even between close persons. The feelings seem superfluous, meaningless, interfering, although "inside the bone" they can ignite real passions.

It seems that the flow of the collective and individual unconsciousness in the human body flow inside the bones. Instantly and easily displacing all "superfluous", "unnecessary" live information from the "necessary" schemes. Schemes and instructions seem beautiful pictures, with admiring simplicity and clarity. Everything is coloured, everything is moving and causes dislike and anxiety. The body, like a monument, wants to do the same job with clearly written instructions. A senses of duty, pain of conscience, panic at the slightest deviation from the rules are also exist. The uniformity is mesmerizing. Unnecessary thoughts and feelings are absent. I want to obey and simultaneously demand from others.

"World – Bone" is not just a collective being, it's always a hierarchy. Hierarchy is always inequality, structure, law, order, arrogance, subordination, subservience, sluggishness, traditions. Adoration of tradition becomes a living basis for effective purposefulness, the ability to slowly overcome any boundaries and obstacles. On the other hand, the insurmountable walls of the comfort zone borders are constantly being erected, there is no flexibility, rigidity and patterns of domination. The bone is an administratively directed unit. Tradition and stability, but the fragility of the reality of the "World – Bone". Obsession and cyclicality, when gradually both the purpose and meaning of what is happening are forgotten.

The tendency to be as attached as possible to the object creates fear of losing this object. The feeling of a slow flow of time is accompanied by an anxiety of not having time, creating an obsessive punctuality. The desire for weightiness and usefulness displaces and displaces all sensual, lively and "useless"things.

Step by step, almost mechanically, overcoming hitherto insurmountable, as if bone is struggling with time and space. Time will blow away all unnecessary things, and will leave only the bones. Lonely and motionless. Bones are symbols of the past. The future world will be based on these bones!

Author – Anton Japarov

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