The Healing Drop of Genesis

Human life is like living water, in the depths of which lives a free spirit, and the surface reflects the entire boundless world. Water is a supersensitive element that takes in not only everything beautiful and useful, but also poisonous, polluting its effects. It is often difficult to define the essence of a phenomenon because of a tendency to idealize the life reflected in it. However, water is a very powerful element capable of pushing out of itself everything alien to it or simply reflecting reality, not getting attached to anything and leaking in the way it chooses. Water needs boundaries, which it often forms through care and feeding of living beings or through devotion and loyalty to the person it loves and to its ideals.

We can see the dreams of water as it looks into the reflected world and these fantasies, it is often closer and more intimate than rough material things and processes.

The water is supple and flexible, and at times tends to fall unnecessarily under external poisoning influences, becoming turbid and unable to adequately reflect not only external reality, but also the spirit living in its depths. It becomes like a dirty puddle, closed not only to the outside world, but also to itself. In the depth of its cloudy surface awakens a rebellious spirit: uncontrolled, angry, two-faced. A senseless and ruthless revolt, saturated only with the ultimate destruction of everything previously created, suddenly freezes in some kind of glaciation, becoming the Snow Queen with her "ice hysteria". Contaminated waters run simultaneously in different directions, splitting their existence in two, devaluing and forgetting everything valuable and necessary for their easy and creative flow. Lost landmark, the joy of love and care seem empty and even frightening nonsense, and the soul is overflowing with unbearable chaos and illusions that absorb all reference points and borders. Water becomes an endless darkness. It is as if it has closed itself off from love, hope and the future.

Contaminated water "moves backwards" through lifeless moats of nostalgia, filling with long-forgotten ghosts of old resentments and disappointments. It is a suffocating swamp, a well with its numerous echoes, where clarity of self-perception and self-understanding is gradually lost. A swamp with no soil, no support and only a sucking mire of anxiety, lack of confidence and stability. "Blind water" absorbs everything indiscriminately, resulting in the final evaporation of its individuality. In this blur, loss of coastlines and coordinates, the water "suffocates" and experiences the horror of its own disappearance. It is this all-consuming horror of destruction and disappearance of self-consciousness that water compensates with even more unbridliness, disorder of processes and connections, multiplying contradictions, longing and sadness, as if trying to get rid of the chaos of the unconscious by immersion into the similar disorder of his own "consciousnesses". All this is an attempt to restore the course of life. But instead, it is a deepening of tearful despondency, a living course of life that is increasingly covered with its stench.

The Proving of the Water-Energy is like a drop of Living Water given by Heaven! It is a crystal clear and transparent drop of healing that penetrates into the clouded waters of a sick person and makes a powerful Transforming Action. The dirt seems to dissolve and the water of human life regains its original purity through which the individual contemplates his spiritual foundations, true desires and the outside world, which becomes the embodiment of opportunities to manifest his love and creativity. The world is freely reflected in spirit, and the spirit in the world is no longer contradictions, chaos and oppression of groundless anxieties. The Proving of the Water-Energy heals the human spirit with life-giving moisture, and the waters of life gaining true power, pushing out of themselves all the strangers, and a powerful stream of breaking rusted chests of the unconscious and freeing for man all the treasures and true values of his being. Man is filled with true life, in the clear waters of which, walking rays of the sun of his higher self: love, care, sincerity and wisdom. The world is so clearly reflected in the human spirit that dreams and imagination give birth to memories of the future, becoming a gift of prophecy.

The flow of life has been restored! Purified, deepened and creatively expanded and multiplied! Water has learned and found its measure, having come out of oblivion! Once again family, relatives and close people, and the whole world enjoy the beautiful, warm summer rain, dew, stream, holy spring, baptized water and the rainbow of the Healed Man rising in their hearts and lives! Water becomes a womb, giving calmness, satisfaction, creative imagination! The ultimate clarity of being drives away the ghosts of the past, giving forgiveness that heals from the grievances and frustrations they have experienced. Dejection is replaced by sincerity, openness, gratitude, and acceptance! The rebellious spirit is transformed into true courage and determination of the bustling northern waters and, at the same time, the calmness of the southern streams. The human spirit is overflowing with a feeling of unity with the Universe and the fullness of life. The Proving of the healing Water-Energy erodes the mire of doubts and true wisdom of reason is born in the reflection of the pure streams of life, which no longer allows anything superfluous, destructive and painful to enter the human spirit! Flexibility is restored, allowing to smooth out sharp angles of life situations. Dreams become realistic, shimmer with a variety of living colors! Lightness, freshness, excitement of love for life, make the Proving of the healing Water-Energy like surfing, reviving the mind, soul and body waves of existence and true health! Life becomes clear and gets a higher order, as if the whole universe is like a transparent drop on the warm palms of the Living Human Spirit!

Author – Anton Japarov

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