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"Proving – Union of Energy, Healing World!"

Proving is not another theoretical construction, but a living dialogue and union of energies of the human spirit with healing forces of the Universe! The modern man is subject to "spiritual autism", destructive detachment from the living world and his deep foundations. How often we call our illness and failures – life, forgetting our true potential of the soul. How often we are used to calling "ourselves" only a narrow and often false opinion about ourselves and life. Proving allows us to restore the integrity of man and his unity with the world, to reveal our inner diversity, to find the fullness of life and talent, to learn in a live experience what it means – Man is the whole universe! And this is not a fabulous exaggeration, but the spiritual wisdom of religious and philosophical insights of mankind realized on the scientific grounds of holistic therapy. The awakening of man to the freedom of true life ceased to be the prerogative of a narrow number of "elect", and in Proving becomes an opportunity for every person.

Proving is the promotion, creation of human lives, peace, and the true spirit of life in which they open themselves to each other, as is usually the case in true love. And it is in the highest depths of this, truly miraculous union, that true healing and revealing of the forces and talents of the human soul takes place.

The world is a unity of various phenomena, each of which has its own unique essence and energy associated with a single spiritual source of life. In Proving, the essence and energy of an element of the world is purified from distorting influences and gains its original "heavenly purity". Such "pure primordial elements" become the key and doorway to the mysterious world of the human soul, and in this beautiful and miraculous journey one is able to experience the healing experience of touching the fundamental spiritual foundations of Genesis. In Proving, man is like the World Tree of Knowledge, which absorbs the pure substance of elements and things and their unity with its "Root – Reasonable Spirit". A Proving is a process of unity with the Pure World, an experience that transforms and heals the mind, soul, and body.

Proving is not only an effective and environmentally friendly method of healing the soul and body, but a powerful awakening of the creative forces of the individual. Transformation of the mysterious depths of the unconscious – from the enslaving darkness to the light of intuition and creative revelation. Such a purifying experience of their own depths as much as possible exacerbates the mind and intuition of man, allows you to climb to higher levels of self-realization in creativity, business, study, personal life, etc.

When you discover yourself in Proving, you gain the ability to discover:

- In your personal life, you gain true love, empathy and wisdom in building families and raising children;

- In creativity, your creative intuition is heightened, and inspiration is filled with the brighter, fresher and more varied colours of life;

- In research, the cognitive forces of your soul, purified in Proving from the raid of mental distortion, are sharpened, capable of promising discoveries in various fields of knowledge;

- In business and business, the "business sense" is regained, supplanted by the stresses of crises and global changes in the world community.

Proving allows us to better understand the mysterious dynamics of material wealth, see new opportunities and feel the movement of financial elements;

- Regardless of your field of activity, you reach higher levels of evolution of your personality and self-fulfillment, because in Proving, a person leaves superficial knowledge, skills and attitude to life and goes back to the depths of true knowledge and awareness of the essence of things and interaction with their creative energies, experiencing their being extremely full, bright and spiritually saturated.

author: Anton Japarov.

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