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The International Online Provings are going to be for the first time  in the history of homeopathy! 

We invite homeopathic schools from different countries to unite in a common proving space and become one team with a common spirit. 

It will be a wonderful unique start in an unusually interesting journey, dedicated to an experienced knowledge of the world of the Provings, both already known remedies and new sources.  

By increasing our cohesion, we can achieve profound results. Together, we can start and continue to learn proving and teach others. 

Proving is the anthropocentric knowledge of the world - through the prism of our perception. This approach gives us a real picture of what the surrounding things are for us in our true sensual reality. Knowing the world "from within" properly builds the whole picture around us. This approach develops creativity and spirituality in a person, and thus heals all of humanity. 

You will have a unique opportunity to experience live in a group of like-minded people and professionals the healing power of joint proving, which will eventually helps everyone to live a new reality.

1st Proving on July 11, 2020 

The International Provings for the World Foundation, the Moscow School of Provings and International center Via Homeopatica took part in its organization.

In 2015, Jeremy Sherr's article was published, which proposed a new and most reliable way to verify the accuracy of a proving.

Sherr invites a certain number of homeopaths to familiarize themselves with the proving results and suggest which remedy was studied, lived, and felt by provers.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the results of our proving and share your proposal with us.


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