International Homeopathic School PROVING
Homeopathy for myself. Make it in 60 seconds

The course will be useful to those who:

  • Tired of antibiotics and hormones, of the mass of side effects, walking in a circle of recurrent diseases, wants to get on the road of health

  • Wants acute, highly effective care that is always "close at hand" and saves money on the family budget at the same time

  • Realizes that the former approach to treating his or her child is not effective

  • Wants the tools to help themselves and their loved ones

  • Wants to be prepared for any emergency

  • Wants to feel free and safe

  • And All those who want to raise a healthy child

Course format:

  • Time frame for the course is 6 weeks.

  • 9 modules, 100 lessons

  • Live Q&A sessions

  • Homework and exercises

  • Communication and support in private chat

In the course you:

  1. Learn the principles of homeopathy and how it differs from other therapies

  2. Learn to better understand the nature of homeopathy and how it really works

  3. Understand the origin of diseases

  4. Learn to select your own remedies, especially for acute cases

  5. Learn to differentiate between acute and chronic conditions, and know when to go it alone and when to call for a doctor

  6. Get a ready-to-use procedure for a variety of conditions

How the training goes:

  • Online 24/7 - You can take the course and complete assignments anytime you want

  • Learning Platform - Closed user-friendly online learning platform, where everything is intuitive

  • Accessibility - You get 24/7 access to the system with all course materials: texts, videos, instructions.

  • Course Program - Every Tuesday and Thursday you get access to a new module, but only after you've done your homework

  • Communication and support - A public chat room for all students for additional motivation and inspiration.

  • Support from Mentors - Our mentors are experienced practicing homeopaths who want to share their knowledge and help students

After completing the course you will receive a certificate

  • The certificate proves your expertise

  • Certificate is issued upon successful completion of all assignments

7 training modules + 2 additional modules

  1. Introductory

  2. How and what homeopathy helps us

  3. Trauma: homeopathy in an emergency situation

  4. When the stomach hurts...

  5. Those horrible childhood diseases

  6. "A woodpecker's head doesn't hurt..."

  7. "Oh, that cold!"

  8. How Homeopathy Helps Our Heart and Vessels

  9. German New Medicine (GNM)

  • 8 exercises

  • 100 tests

  • Workbook

  • 3 live Q & A shows

  • 21 audio podcasts in closed chat

  • Closed chat for communication and additional materials

  • Team game

  • Accrual of points for completing tasks

  • Exchange of points for prizes

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Alumni private chat for questions, communication and additional materials

Access to all course materials for 6 months

Price - 19500 RUB.

Fundamental course of classical homeopathy 


- only classical homeopathy

- repertorization

- as realistically as possible (on live cases)

- with supervision (practical work of every student under the control of a teacher)

The course program was developed by classical homeopaths with more than 20 years of teaching experience.

75% of the face-to face teaching time is devoted to clinical practice and supervision, when the students themselves see patients under the supervision of the teacher.

The total duration is 612 academic hours:
       50% of which are lectures, workshops, consultations, and supravisory sessions,
       50% - independent study of training material;
Examination is patient intake, writing and defending case.

After completing the course, you receive a certificate. 

You can also get a state document - certificate of advanced training (paid separately)


All theoretical classes are online. Practical sessions, supervisions, and consultations are held in person or on the Zoom platform.

All students are provided with a full package of training materials.

Online teaching of homeopathy is possible - 100% presence effect, constant communication, live participation in trainings and discussions.

If you miss a theory class, you can watch a recording of the class.


At the end of the course you will be able to start practicing immediately, feeling confident in your knowledge and skills.


The starting date of the new cycle is January 2021.

The course duration is one years.

Theoretical lectures open twice a month (weekends 1 and 3)

Consiliums and supervisions are held twice a month on Sundays (see in plan).

Language is Russian

The cost is 60 000 rubles per course.

All missed classes are paid.


School of Psychosomatics.

Training is conducted by Alexander Fadiev.

The recording of the seminar is available for viewing on this page: 




Starting in January 2021, our consultations will be more accessible on Sundays - two Sundays a month (with summer break). From 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The consultations are educational. Each consultation is:

  • Case taking practice

  • Case supervision

  • Clinical review

  • Case-taking supervision

  • Remedy administration

  • Remedy characteristics

  • Remedy differential diagnosis

The patient receives:

  • Consultation

  • Recommendations

  • Prescription of the homeopathic remedy

  • Follow-up


We can take one primary patient or two follow-ups  per consilium.

Participation in the consultation costs 3000 rubles for one consilium.
The consilium is free of charge for the period of training under the "Fundamental course" (doctors) and "School of Mastery" programs and is a practical part of these programs.






The plan see here